Welcome on my personal website containing a Blog and various creative designs that i want to spread and share with the world.

This website mainly contains a Blog where i like to share my honest opinion and view about (marketing)communications and its latest trends and developments. I will also be writing about other various subjects such as; fashion, gaming, hiphop (dance), music, global trends, politics and much more. I also use this website as a portfolio so i can share my creative works to create a platform to be able to receive feedback.

Next to that, i’m currently writing a book so i will be posting some pages of that every once in a while, i also like to take photographs and been doing so since a very young age. I’m also working on a pilot version of a magazine called EXOTIC. To be able to show my skills concerning the development of a magazine, i decided to create a fictional magazine and will be designing different pages which i will be posting on this website aswell.

Last but not least i like to make commercial designs such as flyers, brochures, banners and so on. This is also included on this website.

I hope you enjoy the content of this website as much as i enjoy publishing it.

You can also follow me on Twitter; @dekoningalex



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